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This site is a tribute to our son Felix Murdin, who was born in Cambridge on February 15, 1997. He died on March 9th 2017 at the age of 20.   He is much loved and will always be remembered.

Felix was in his first year at the University of Leicester, where he was pursuing a degree in Film Studies and Visual Arts.  He was a keen member of the University Theatrical Society, and had been in Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra in the Autumn Term.   He was due to be in the musical "The Producers" by Mel Brooks this Spring but died just before the show opened.

Felix had epilepsy, and was on medication, but died suddenly and unexpectedly.  The Coroner put his death down to SUDEP - Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy - something which is little understood.   

The charity SUDEP Action is working to aid research to prevent more deaths.  You can find out more about their work by clicking on the link at the bottom left hand corner of this page.  You can also read about Felix on this website, and how we celebrated his life, and donate if you wish to. 

Thank you.

Sophie and Alex



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I would like to record some memories of Felix. I remember the day Alex and Sophie rang to tell us that she was going to have a baby. That was a wonderful day even though I had to recognise being in the grandparent generation. Then there I was arriving at the Rosie Maternity Hospital to meet Felix for the first time. I was allowed to hold him and from than on we were attached. I remember looking after Felix a bit in Exeter when Lucian was born. It was May and still quite cold but he wanted to paddle in the local park pool where we went every day. He was intrepid and always begged to be allowed to prance through the very cold water and get amazingly wet and cold. There were times in Ashburton when I came to babysit for the two boys and Felix helped me when Lucian was little, advising me about the usual techniques that Mummy would have used. We would walk down to the shops with him holding on to the buggy and later with both of them zooming ahead but stopping virtuously at the edges of roads. Later we went on the very high ride at the local Fair and I clutched both of them as they gazed with exhilaration and fear as the ground fell away beneath us. Felix was brave. We went into the tunnel of an old railway line that was made into a walk about a kilometre long and very dark with just a faint prick of light at the far end. Felix was old enough to know that there are dangers in the dark and I told him that the more he was afraid, the braver it was to go into the dark. He did it. Recently he came to Cambridge to see us and we sat with him on our terrace and talked on a sunny summer evening. Now I can’ t walk past that place without thinking of him and how he had grown into a charming and intelligent companion. So sleep well dear Felix. We will keep you in our minds now. Lesley
Lesley May 4th, 2017
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